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03 January 2012 @ 01:22 am
"Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The messenger of the Most High waits!"  

Summary: A war party heads out to the Gorge Hive to rescue Jason. Mouse quotes Mark Twain and shoots things. And blows stuff up. And lights things on fire. 4/25/2010

Sai's GM Room(#3497RJ)
See the following pictures for visual reference:
Obvious exits:

You paged (Sai, Yak) with 'In discussing with Kaz, it is likely that Mouse will have a gift other than the passive Sight from Beyond active when we come in. Cybersenses: eyes to a sniper rifle sort of scope that can be zoomed in and out blah blah etc. Which means I'm down 1 Gnosis from the start. *salute*'.

The various groups van it down to nearer the Hive location, and then spread out, Kaz using Questing Stone every so often to triangulate where Jason is. As it eventually turns out, he's not actually in the Hive, but rather in an elaborate camp. Down at the end with the river crossing, and avoiding the tower, Kaz brings her group to a halt. She mutters into her comm-link, saying, "Chris. You guys go in and find him; we'll set up where we can and get some of the fuckers out here." Then she melts into hispo and finds Earth-Whisperer. ~Do some scoutin', huh? See if we can find a good place to fuck 'em up in?~

Earth-Whisperer flicks his ears in a gesture of understanding and then requests that the Alpha be wary of traps. The Talon promptly melts into the shadows for some brisk recon.
Mouse moves carefully and quietly in glabro. She's saying relatively near Kaz, but also near the front of the group, testing the ground in front of her before she takes each step. Those who look closely at her may notice her eyes are looking...even stranger than they usually do, as if her irises were made of two pieces of yellow metal, rotating opposite each other. It's unnerving at best.

In glabro, blurred, cammo'ed up and under the rite of silence, Chris resembles nothing so much as a rather low-budget predator as he moves through the woods to the north of the camp and the rest of the gaian garou. The burble of his comlink in his ear is masked to all but himself- the vibrations carrying the information rather than sound itself. Unable to reply directly to Kaz, he instead reaches out over his packlink as he ghosts from cover to cover, watching every step and keeping low to the ground while he checks out on the spacing of the other members of his squad.

Javen is with Kaz, silent the whole time. She has no rites or gifts to throw in to help, so she merely waits in silence, the crinos using a stone to slowly sharpen her claws.
Kevin touches his brow to Kaz, and, in equal silence to Chris and in the same glabro form, moves over to Chris's right and makes his way forward from cover to cover.

Raging Phoenix, in Lupus for ease of transport, slides alongside Mouse, her tail held dead level with a ferocity and stiffness which implies it's something of an effort. She looks out ahead of them, for the moment wordless.

Desh currently has a shotgun strapped over his shoulder, and his revolver holstered. He keeps to glabro and near Mouse for the moment, ready to duck and shoot.

Eight Mile sits with a quiet calm, her crinosed form still. She seems to be waiting and, more importantly, fairly content no matter what.

In her own Glabro form, the tall Fury known as Nikiya is surprisingly silent and light on her feet as she follows behind Chris. She too moves just as silently as the other two on her team, slinking easily from hiding spot to hiding spot along with the group leader and Fostern.

Anpu follows behind Mouse's group, not far off, and to the right, staying low and to the ground with his quiver and bow at the ready. He takes his time with every step, holding the immense bow in his hands with a great deal of care despite it's weight.

Before people spread out from the cars, Reggie speaks to the Garou with Inspiration, encouraging them to do their utmost and the battle will be successful, "We will take back what is ours!". As the groups split up, he follows Kaz, and informs Kaz, after Chris' group has left, "Chris' lot is going through the woods to the north. They'll wait for the sound of festivities beginning before they move."

Anpu gradually shifts to Glabro as they stalk through the woods, his posture lowering closer to the ground. The muscles seem to help him even out the heavy weight of the bow. Even in his bulkier, larger form, his steps remain quiet and light footed. The closer they grow to the sound of moving water, the more the Galliard slows down, carefully pacing himself.

As they approach the edge of the woods Chris sinks to his belly, signalling to Nikiya to go low and hold position with a gesture of his hand and repeating the signal to Kevin mentally. Once suitably concealed he pulls out a pair of binoculars and begins to survey the camp in more detail, reporting in with short bursts of info over the packlink. Watching and waiting.

Mouse eventually comes to a stop near the edge of the river, where she can find some semblance of cover--a tree will do fine. She drops to a knee and peers across. That sense of rotating metal in her eyes increases as she scopes out the other side and what she can see of it.

Reggie stares northwards then nudges Kaz with an elbow, and, his voice suddenly much quieter than back at the cars, informs Kaz, "They see the camp. Several humans in cameo fatigues with pistol and shotguns in the cabins. Several humans chained to walls, from kids to old folks. Weird looking tents in the centre that they can't see into yet."

Frostbite glances over at the members of her temporary pack. She recognizes only Kaz, it seems, and eyes the others with faint interest. The tall Crinos doesn't crouch, lifting her muzzle up to the wind, nose twitching.

Raging Phoenix, now that the travelling appears to be over, shifts from Lupus to Crinos, though rather noticeably hunkering over in an attempt to be as inconspicuous as large monsters can be. She looks around for a rock, intending to sharpen her claws. Surreptitiously.

Kevin drops to hands and knees and inches inward toward the camp, taking up position behind what cover he can. Without the benefit of binoculars he can do little but await further orders.

To (Mouse, Yak), Sai pages: It's really difficult to peer through the tree cover. This is both advantageous, in that you know snipers won't be able to get you necessarily, and disadvantageous because firearms usage will be tricky.

Nikiya's form seems to blur as sinks down to her own belly, slipping into the best hiding spot she can find to watch the camp below. Her gaze eagerly searches for something, anything, to base her search for the missing Fianna on...

Long distance to (Sai, Yak): Mouse nods. Do these trees look even remotely steady for climbing/perching in?

To (Mouse, Yak), Sai pages: See the linked picture in the desc for examples of the cover. These trees are not very climbable here (unless you plan on doing so like a bear would)

Desh slips near Mouse, since she has a headset and is staying informed, presumably.

You paged (Sai, Yak) with 'Hm. River crossing area looks very skinny and not very perchable.'.

Kaz hunkers down, trying not to be noticed by potential observers; she also, however, looks to be concentrating on something else for a moment or two. And then she mutters to Reggie, "Tell him the prisoners are being moved. Maybe /to/ the north camp. Soon. As in, imminently, as in, this is a good chance to get in there and get 'im." Then she tells Mouse (and the group in general), quietly, "Bunch of folks coming our way, from the northeast. Get across the river, to the lower camp; there's plenty of cover there. 'Less, Mouse-- there people there?"

<OOC> Ears actually, she does that via Gift. So it's not out loud.

Eight Mile stays crouched low and waits, her eyes flicking from Kaz to the others of the area. She still seems content to wait, not moving till she's needed.

Mouse straightens out of her crouch to peer as best she can, though she looks a little dubious about her ability to see through the forest cover.

Anpu seems happy to wait for those that are leading the groups to make their decision as to where his goes next, listening to his earpiece attentively. The Galliard shifts to Crinos while they're standing still, and preemptively draws one of his arrows, readying it for a quick draw if necessary.

Ears tilts her head, looking at Mouse.

Long distance to Ears: Mouse would pass along that she really can't see very far at all. Damned trees. She would climb one but they're all spindly.

Mouse looks at Ears, and shakes her head very slightly.

Frostbite swivels her large head around to regard the Alpha with interest, but she says nothing.

Ears peers across the river, and then grunts. ~Nope,~ she says, mind to mind. ~Talon says there's snipers. Ain't crossing the river there. Come on.~ And she leads the group down to the south a bit, towards the gorge; she's clearly aiming to get to higher ground. When she gets to the road, she crosses as quickly as possible, and heads for the upcoming gorge, to get a bottleneck, and good spots for ranged weapons.

While Chris' group is taking a northern route to infiltrate the camp groupings, the southwestern groups composed of the remaining two groups find themselves in some fairly medium cover, where the trees are climbable -- if one is content to make like a bear and cling to the bark. Otherwise, the twilight lighting and intermittent trees and bushes make up their cover. For the southern group, the river crossing seems to be more exposed, but nearly as exposing as the man-built road.

<OOC> Ears corrects, ridgeline, not gorge.

Mouse moves after Ears, sliding her gun out of its holster as she walks. She's muttering to herself, quiet enough that most of the words are easily muffled by her own not at all terribly audible steps, but some of it can be made out by those close. "O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells...to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire--" Whether it's prayer or bitter incantation or both, is unclear--at least for those who don't recognize it.

<OOC> Frostbite thought the ridgeline was to the north?
<OOC> Sai is clarifying.
<OOC> Yak: It is.
<OOC> Ears: OK, I mean /cliff/. Yes.
<OOC> Yak: K.

Frostbite whines as the Alpha begins to lead away from the target. Having no ranged weapons, the Galliard shuffles along after her, flexing her claws with the creak of her leather cestus.

Eight Mile darts after her fellow Gnawer, keeping as low to the ground as she can. She glances over her shoulder at Mouse, perhaps picking up some of the words or perhaps just curious. Either way, the bulk of her attention is on watching where she steps.

Desh loads his shotgun and follows suit, after Kaz.

Anpu follows Mouse along obediently, remaining near the Metis, and always trying to keep some cover between himself and where he perceives the snipers or other threats to be.

Reggie's head swivels at the sount of scraping until he sees KL, then shifts through the forms into hispo, finding a rock to also sharpen claws, hurrying through the motions so he's not left behind as Kaz moves.

Raging Phoenix follows Mouse closely, her ears pricked and her eyes focussed on the area to the other side of the river.

Chris glances across to his companions and begins a slow belly-crawl closer to the edge of the treeline; keeping low, blurred and silent. He signs to Nikiya to make ready as he watches the movements within the camp. Waiting for the off, watching for any openings, weaknesses, angles of approach to take.

Ears sets up shop somewhere reasonable; where the hand combat Garou can have an advantage, and where the archers & company can have an advantage. And then she squints. Mind to mind, she tells Reggie, ~Earth Whisperer dunno. He says the guards were moving to the north camp. He does not know where the prisoners are, or are being moved to, but assumes it has something to do with the upper camp.~ And then she tells her cadre, ~I draw them to us soon.~

Mouse moves to find the best cover for sniping, insomuch as sniping can be done with a hand gun. If she can find a climbable tree with a good perch, she takes that as her first preference. She's still muttering quietly to herself, though the recitation has taken on a note of angry bitterness. "for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet--"

Nikiya nods slowly towards Chris, silently army-crawling closer to the edge as well; once she reaches another satisfactory hiding place, she brings her feet up under her, crouching and waiting for the insanity. Her eyes focus on the camp, before she glances around to check the surroundings and ensure that they are still safe in their hiding place.

Kevin remains low to the ground and slow-moving, careful, stealthy. He joins the other two at the edge of the treeline.

Eight Mile gives Ears a little two-fingered salute, turning her head toward the ground before them. She is crouched for now, ready to move.

Speaks-Softly leans his head around a corner to take a good look at the surrounding woods and the targets up in the direction of the towers, keeping half his face hidden behind the solid stone.

Desh is also looking for a small ridge or something that can give him a little height advantage and a good view of any oncoming enemies. He doesn't move quite so far back as Mouse, given as the shotgun requires closer range.

Ears melts into crinos, and tells her Septmates, ~On the Call, the earth shakers come. Be ready. Snakepatcher, tell your pack.~ And then, after waiting a moment for this communication to happen, she apparently throws caution to the wind, and lets out a grating, tugging call, one that's truly unpleasant to the ears. She remains in trees, and waits, claws flexing.

Frostbite watches as Ears takes cover, taking up position a little foreward and far to the side, distancing herself just a bit from those with ranged weapons. She doesn't feel like being shot today.

Mouse wraps an arm around her perch and braces herself as best she can, peering back down in the direction of the camp and their surroundings, searching with her particular gift for any signs of approaching movement. Her last words are even lower than the previous ones, but still with that undeniably bitter and angry note, "We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen."

Speaks-Softly simply nods his head as he hears Kaz's order, then waits, a part of his face still sticking out but not much. The Galliard is waiting for the strike to start before he strikes.

As the Call of the Wyrm rings out in the south, the ground all around the area begins to shake. Slowly at first, it builds to an unnerving tree-rattling, ground-rolling motion that makes roots creak and plants shudder. Everyone feels the quake, which registers rather heavily on the Richter scale. The upper camp cabins shiver, and the furthest one from Chris' group caves in, the sounds of human screams and cries of pain muffled in the crash. Further south, another cabin also collapses inwards when a tree is rocked from its hold and topples upon it. The camp itself erupts with activity after the call.

Ears crouches as the quake starts; she's holding a small mirror in one paw, and manages not to drop it as she almost falls, even though crouched. She mutters to the general group, ~Buncha folks coming from the northeast. Bigger group than the Talon said.~ Javen is on one of her flanks, the right; Camille the other. Reggie, meanwhile, urgently informs Kaz through her gift, ~They see Mind-Breaker!~. His steadiness, not that high at the start with his gimpy leg, is tested as the ground shakes, and he works on staying upright as he continues informing, fury coloring his words and foam flecking his muzzle, ~Dancers! Three Dancers crossed the Gauntlet.~

Speaks-Softly pulls the arrow from his bow and sets it back into the quiver, pulling out one of the few Bane arrows he carries. He notches it upon the bowstring and waits, watching from cover for the first target to present itself. The hunter keeps alert, looking in every single direction at least passingly, though most of his attention is directed at the camp and surrounding areas. Raging Phoenix stays ready by the side of the Glasswalker, ready to spring into action whenever a target presents itself and the order is given. Desh swaps out the ammunition in his revolver to silver, then holsters it. His shotgun, however, is placed at the ready. Mouse clings as best she can to the tree she's perched in, and when the shaking stops, she turns her attention toward where people are said to be coming, and uses a branch for a gun-rest as she peers down the sight. Her strange, metal-rotating eyes focus that way, waiting for a target. This time she speaks loud enough to be heard, though still not terribly loud. "Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The messenger of the Most High waits!"

Chris watches events unfold with a rather dispassionate gaze. The metis trio vanishing into the Umbra is noted for future reference and dealing- but right now his attention is fully on the Fomori with their chain-wrapped bundle. He makes eye-contact with his two blurred packmates and then through a combination of hand-signals to Nikiya and pack-chat instructions to Kevin indicates that the Fury is to stay behind him to guard.. and Kevin is to attack with him. The earthquake strikes and a moment later he rises to his feet, still blurred- his magnum revolver flashes silently, sending the first bullet screaming towards the Fomor as he scurries forwards, using fire-and-movement in combination with his gifts and skills.

Kevin leaps to his feet and into crinos form simultaneously, and head down like a sprinter, charges toward the fomori. He suppresses the urge to howl defiance at them, and focuses on getting as close as he can so he can attack.

Her eyes narrowing, Nikiya bares her prounounced fangs towards the camp, glancing to Chris and Kevin briefly. As the Sept Elder's call rises, she tenses, one hand going down to pull out the meteor hammer, its chain still coiled. Leaping to her feet, she begins to spin the menacing spiked metal ball above her head as she scrambles after the two Glass Walkers. She does indeed stay behind as instructed...but the fomori that didn't get shot at by Chris may find that he has the enormous metal ball flying at high speeds, right towards its solar plexus, a result of Nikiya performing a spinning kick in the air and using the momentem of the heavy ball.

The Fomori that were formerly guarding Jason now guard nothing - Chris sends a bullet through the neck of the one on the right, and the one on the left barely has time to turn around and blow the other barrel of his shotgun at Kevin, only scoring his arm - the ball-and-chain takes his life. Without warning, however, three bat-eared Garou in Crinos charge out of the woods behind the group. Each wields a black-iron sickle as large as an I-beam folded into a crescent, and they all bear down right on Nikiya, howling the ululating cry of Whippoorwill.

To the south, the ambushing Gaians finally spot the first fanatic fomori, numbering five, likely having come from the lower cabins. They're armed with rifles to accompany their ugly, mutated features. Busily, they look around for the source of the Caller, squinting in the dusky light.

Long distance to Ears: Mouse would also comm report the fomori numbers where they're coming from, blah blah, has a shot.

From afar, Ears says, ~Yeah, good, y'all shoot things. We're gonna be the ground troops and wait til they come.~

The frog-marched Fianna falls to his knees when the Fomori scramble in their panic, his wrists and ankles in heavy manacles. He's naked, and there's blood all over his body, especially around his hands and face. He falls immediately to his hands and knees, back hunched and looking like he's not about to make move except to curl around himself among the battlefield, protecting himself from whatever may come next. Even the screams of the fomori fall on deaf ears.

Ears says something about shooting things, over her adaptable commset. (~Yeah, good, y'all shoot things. We're gonna be the ground troops and wait til they come.~) ~We're gonna wait til /they/ come to /us/,~ she mutters to her grouplet. Frostbite emits a bark of excitement as she sees the Dancers emerge. Instead of attacking, she leaps, hauling her heavy weight up into the branches of a sturdy tree. ~Call them closer!~ She says. ~Bring them to those with claws!~ Eight Mile calls a wordless, taunting challenge to the fomori as they close in, her hands flexing in anticipation. Reggie tensely informs via Kaz's gift that the three Dancers are confronting Chris' cluster. Kaz nods, but all she does is to cast a yipping, taunting howl at the approaching fomori. But it is natural, and not the Call again; not yet.

Chris spins as soon as the charging Dancers appear and the fomor falls, swapping his weapons over and aiming his automatic. And the silver ammunition contained within. A rage-assisted double-tap flashes silently, two fat .45 calibre slugs winging their way towards the closest of the dancers to him. And then he turns and takes to his heels with the others with the aid of further rageburning.

When Speech-and-Silence's intended target is taken down before he can even reach it, he seizes his chance and pounces on the form of their hostage, Jason. His strong crinos body hoists his packmate up and over his shoulder in a fireman's lift, or what would be one if any fireman had ever been nine feet tall and shaped like a hideous war monster, and with his burden he charges away from the Spirals, away from Chris and Nikiya, and toward the river, heading slightly west of south, trying to avoid any traps in his path and stay away from any further foes.

The Meteor Hammer is pulled back, swinging above Nikiya's head once more. As the three Dancers charge from the forest, she spins about, baring her teeth. She briefly notices Kevin running off with the hostage slung over his shoulder, and her feet deftly carry her after him and away from the Dancers, still swinging that death-ball over her head.

Mouse spies the approaching fomori. She settles more against her gun, steadying it, taking the time and using her gift to line up the most likely head-shot. When she feels as though she has it, she fires, the crack of the gunshot ringing out through the trees. It's followed by a repeat of what she said before, but this time angry, shouted, almost frenetic with pent up energy. "Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The messenger of the Most High waits!"

 Anpu Speaks-Softly identifies the Fomori below, finally finding a target. The Strider pops out of hiding and lets loose with his first Bane arrow, firing it at whatever Fomori is the furthest away. In the blink of an eye he draws a second shot and fires a second massive arrow at another, then ducks back behind his cover.

 Desh readies his shotgun and fires as soon as one of those fomor come into acceptable range. Then he quickly reloads and burns rage to fire into another one.

 Raging Phoenix waits, until the first volley of shots has gone, and then she's moving, slowly at first, just maneuvering to ensure that she's the foremost garou when it comes to the actual fighting.

With his prize in tow, Kevin barrels away from the group of Dancers that draw ever closer. The Dancer that Chris shot howls in agony, doubling over and dropping his terrible sickle, too stunned to act at the moment. This causes horrific bellows to sound from the two other bat-eared Dancers; one of them seems to glaze over as a Frenzy takes him, and he eschews his weapon when, in a burst of fury he sprints on four legs to Nikiya and leaps, forcing her into a grapple. His massive form slams into her and they fall to the ground together, where with a slobbery bite he rips out the tendons in her shoulder and a good bit of muscle, wolfing it down as the cruel gore spills from her. The one that has not been stunned now moves on Nikiya, raising his sickle high above his head in preparation to swing down on her.

When Kevin first hauls Jason up, the Fianna is as limp as a ragdoll, right up until he falls over the Crinos' shoulder. Then the Fianna stirs a little, wriggling weakly.

The first of the shots rings out from the ranged fighters of Mouse's grouping. The shot from Mouse's gun hits home, drawing first blood in an elaborate spray. One down, four to go. An arrow flies through the air, striking one of the rear fomor and sending the humanoid creature spinning back against a tree. The second arrow loosed from Anpu flies wide of its target, striking a trunk of a tree as the fomor finds cover in time. Desh's shotgun doesn't have the same range as the rifles the guards carry. But he does have the advantage of surprise as he catches the bulging guard from the side, his explosive round firing and setting the monstrous man alight. The second round catches that cover-seeking fomor who Anpu missed; nevermind that the round explodes against the tree as much as it takes off half the fomor's face. There isn't time to celebrate, however. The arrowed fomor breaks the shaft of the weapon, lifting his rifle to fire a wild shot towards Mouse's group that misses everything. But, it /does/ alert the next wave as seven more fomori come charging through the woodwork, using the trees as ground cover. A volley of bullets fires towards Mouse's group from the back seven, most of them striking at ground or woodwork. But, one of the bullets hits Desh's shoulder and it is /not/ a pleasant feeling to get shot no matter what form one is in. To the northeast of the southern ambush is the large group of approaching fomori, closing in on Kaz's group as a mass of heavier armed and heavily mutated guards tramps towards the ambushers.

To (Mouse, Sai, Chulash), Ears pages:  North and east, huh? Would the bomb be apropos?
To (Ears, Mouse, Sai), Chulash pages: Well, they're not aware of it yet, so it could work, yeah. If you think they're in the area then try to set it off.
From afar, to (Sai, Mouse, Yak): Ears er, sorry. Yeah, OK.
From afar, Ears thinks so. Did we say Mouse had the trigger or Kaz?
You paged Ears with 'Mouse does.'.
Ears pages: OK. Want me to urge Mouse IC or just have Mouse be Logical?
You paged Ears with 'Either works!'.
You paged Ears with 'That is, I think she would even without urging.'.

Chris mentlly curses as he sees Nikiya go down, turning at once to face those attacking her. His pistol silently barks again, his sights focussed on the X-ring of the sickle-wielding dancer's skull while he wills the ragabash to break free of her other tormentor. Meanwhile Nikiya fights for her freedom with strength and skill; exploding up into crinos and trying to claw her attacker's eyes while wriggling free from under him in a bid for freedom. And Kevin? Well, Kevin just runs for the hills with his weakly struggling burden thrown over his shoulder, like a viking after a hard day at the nunnery.

As Speech-And-Silence runs off, Jason turns and twists on the Fostern's shoulder, awkwardly looping his wrist manacles chain around the Crinos' neck. Yes, it looks like he's trying to strangle Kevin. Though very ineffectually.

Kaz assesses this, snarling gently; given the plentitude of targets to hit, and therefore the unlikelyhood the range support will hit, say, them, she snarls, ~Go get 'em!~ Using the ground advantage, Frostbite does what she'd come here to do. The lean crinos rampages through the trees towards the advancing seven. She gleefully chooses the biggest to attack like a meteor from the branches, sharpened claws and teeth first. Eight Mile launches forward, a stockier and slower mirror of the Get on her right. Running down the hill, she picks her own target beside Javen's target, concentrating as she tries to slash. Kaz is right behind Camille, trying hard to bowl over that fomor in a modified sort of pack cooperation. Snakepatcher twists about at the sound of the bullets and thundering of the tramping then suddenly stills, listening. He informs via Kaz's link ~They have Mind-Breaker!~ He starts forward with coiled energy to attack something, anything, at Kaz's order.

Raging Phoenix, launches herself, now, towards the formori, arcing her path so that she doesn't cross anyone's firing line, but intending to leap on the nearest, most alive one, going aerial to rip at its head with her claws in a blur of motion. Desh falls back a little so Pheonix can take point, and the brunt of the attention. He crouches for cover, and then fires on the nearest available fomor, of course being mindful of his ally. Rage-tapping, he also fires a second time on another target. Speaks-Softly waits for the torrent of fire to subside, then he springs up from his post and fires at the furthest target of the closest group, away from Phoenix, and beyond the range of his friend's weapons. He only exposes himself the few seconds he needs to acquire and fire at a target, nothing more. Mouse keeps her gun steady, but she's breathing heavily with a very uncharacteristic sort of excitement, and while she aims, she doesn't fire. Instead, one hand digs into her pocket and she peers off into the distance. Waiting. Waiting. "Dangerous is wrath concealed. Hatred proclaimed doth lose its chance of wreaking vengeance." Click.

Speech-and-Silence and his struggling load splash through the river -- silently -- and circles around behind Kaz, Mouse and the rest with Jason. He barely seems even aware of Jason's attempts to harm him.

Gunfire begins to explode all around the rescue group as guns are aimed out of windows, spraying haphazardly with submachinegun rounds. Chris' next silver bullet plants itself squarely in the center of the Dancer's skull, dropping her with stupendous ease. Meanwhile the Thralled Dancer and Nikiya become a massive ball of fur, muscle and gore as they rip each other apart. Despite Nikiya's valiant attempts, the bigger, stronger bat-eared Dancer lays into her yet again, this time sinking his jaws into her ribcage, now-blind eyes dripping with cruenta as he attempts to crush her sternum to powder and with sickening popping sounds expose the inner workings of her flesh for his unholy feast.

"Death to the Bitch-Lovers!" "Die die die die!" "HEE HEE HEE HEEEE!" The shouts of the fomori are nearly as demented as their Garou counterparts, accompanying the barking reports of the rifles fired towards the incoming Gaian Garou. Frostbite's crashing through the undergrowth catches a pair of bullets, though they don't slow her inertia down, they do cause blossoms of blood to erupt in her furred form as she drops upon Fomor2/7. Eight Mile's run catches the second shooter target (Fomor 1/7), her weight and speed far outmatching the fomor's to tackle it down, Kaz's followup making quick work of that shooter. A titan of a fomor (Fomor 3/7) barks out a "Hey, Fatty!" at Reggie, having spotted the heavy Uktena, and fires a shot that shallowly buries into the ahroun's arm before the ahroun can get to him and they engage in combat.

Raging-Phoenix's curving path has her catch a trio of fomori (Fomori 4, 5, 6/7), her claws and gifts providing the first fatal strike to one (Fomor 4/7). The other two dive out of the way as Desh's shot gets one (Fomori 5/7), but the second shot misses the second (Fomor 6/7). Speaks-Softly spots the fomor he had initially struck with his first arrow (Fomor 3/5) trying to sneak up, and a second arrow puts that one away, crippling if not killing it yet. Struggling up to his feet, the gruesome half-faced fomor (Fomor 5/5) shambles blindly towards the shadowed forms, but isn't in anything of a fighting condition. Somewhere to the northeast of the south group, a *boom* sounds as Mouse's triggered bomb explodes to a chorus of surprised cries of pain.

Chris doesn't hesitate, to his credit. Even as the bullets from the windows hurl up clods of earth and treebark around him he's rushing in closer to assist Nikiya. He takes aim once more; this time at dancer pinning her down- at least with the beast on top it gives a nice clear target. Something which Nikiya is likely to assist as she struggles, pinned beneath the foe. One of her arms slashes at its face while she tries to drive a clawed foot into its belly, to lift it up and off her. And also presenting a nice big target for her companion..

The Thralling dancer is barely lifted off of Nikiya, the Rage and sheer force of will the only real strength left in her - just in time for Chris' many bullets to rip through its flesh. Not a drop of its blood is spilled as the beast shudders and expires, ichor dripping from its jaw. The rounds coming from the cabins are focused closer on the two now; a few catch Nikiya's prone form, most stinging, although one hits exposed flesh and sinks deep - though it is thankfully made of lead, not silver. Chris, however, gets thoroughly shot-up: high-velocity balls of lead fly shrieking into his legs and torso; the cracking of bone and sinew can be heard as his Glabro frame is riddled with rounds. The Dancer that was first shot down only now begins to recover, hunks of his flesh torn out of his body, ostensibly carrying silver with them. He staggers to his feet, insane hatred burning in his eyes as he once again lifts his black sickle.

Snakepatcher roars at the titan, annoyed both by the name-calling and shot in his arm, and lunges forward to introduce the titan to his claws and fangs. Kaz joins him. Javen, meanwhile, yelps with pain as the bullets sink into her flesh. She uses her claws to try and slice and dice a giant hole in her fomor's belly (2/7), her teeth to chew off his face in a surge of Rage. Eight Mile similarly aunches herself in a blur of rage-enhanced action, attacking the thing still on Frostbite as she does, her expression contorted in concentration. Such as one can tell in Crinos.

<OOC> Snakepatcher: Sniffle...Reggie lost a full pound on the scales this last month and the fomor still call him names.
<OOC> Snakepatcher: Sorry, mav.
<OOC> Eight Mile: A hilarious one!
<OOC> Frostbite laffs.

Suddenly a whole lot happens at once. Chris jerks and spasms as his body is liberally perforated- somehow managing to keep both upright and silent. He focusses in on the charging dancer and then drinks deep of his rage. His gun flashes twice more- and then he turns and dumps more rage to run, run, run like the wind. In fact he's overtaken as he does so by the horribly wounded fury purging her OWN and screaming past him in crinos like a huge, bloody, furry express train. Both ragabi take to their heels, regardless of how successful the boy's shots are.

Mouse starts to laugh when the explosion is followed by the sounds of surprise and pain. She laughs, and laughs, and it sounds nearly as demented as the Wyrm taunts pouring in. Her gun is lifted, steadied with both hands, and she waits again, choosing to hold fire on the current targets in favor of waiting for the approaching enemies. If any step into her range and line of sight, she squeezes the trigger without hesitation. Raging Phoenix dives after the one that Desh missed, swiping for it. Regardless of whether her attack is successful or not, she intends to disengage, returning via the same route she entered by, still aware of those lines. Speaks-Softly stands up now that the majority of the close in Fomori have been dispatched, drawing a Bane arrow from his quiver. The Crinos draws it back, concentrates on his distant Fomori target, and lets it fly at the centermost target. Desh backs up, saving his ammo for a moment and regains some ground to take stock.

To (Mouse, Desh, Raging Phoenix), Anpu pages: Raise your hand if you like Tremors!

The next two bullets that bark forth from Chris' sidearm stop the third dancer in its tracks, and it crashes to its great knees with an earth-rumbling bellow reminiscent of the earthquakes that only just threw this camp into confusion. He falls dead, slowly returning to his metis form, flesh still hissing as death takes him. Bullets continue to fly, but the moving targets prove too fast for any of them to hit.

The rescue party melts into the woods at high speed- though Chris finds the time and energy to throw up the horns in victory as he hears his third kill hit the ground. And then.. they are gone.

Nikiya is soundless as she escapes to safety, quite content to go and lay down somewhere.

Clash of the Titans re-enacts as Snakepatcher and the giant fomor (Fomor 3/7) slam into each other, the fomor possessing a secret of suddenly protruding body spikes that impale themselves into the Uktena ahroun, pumping something foul through their hollow tips into his blood. Ears has to work to find her opportunity to strike, but she can take it, and lays open a swath that exposes the giant fomor's spiked spinal cord. The fray in between Frostbite and Eight Mile is a quick and bloody affair with the pair of Garou the victors. At least, until Eight Mile is suddenly set upon from behind, a set of claws sinking into the her face and piercing an eye as Fomor 7/7 makes its appearance. As they say, the fun and games are over, with the third wave of fomori charging towards Javen and the Gnawer philodox, some already injured from the blast further northeast. (Fomori 1-6/8)

Mouse catches sight of them, and her scope-vision lets that aim take out a front runner of the cavalry (1/8) with a single shot, leaving an otherwise mediocre sized force (2-6/8). KL cuts a slash into the missed fomor (6/7), shortly followed by an arrow from Anpu's bow that has its tip blossom from the creatures throat as it goes down.

Just when the end seemed in sight, in the distance a horrible cacophony of shrieks can be heard coming from the river. The loud sloshing of water is accompanied by the sounds of gravel and wood crushing and splintering. All coming from one source, a dozen mouths, it seems, all either bellowing or spouting inane glossolalia that seems to strike to the very heart, primal incantations of hatred and scorn for life. All around it dust flies into the twilight sun's orange rays, and trees sink to the side as /something/ grabs them to find purchase, dragging itself at a frightening pace towards the group.

 And in the distance, the barking report of more guns can be heard, firing into the air as they converge on the group.

Long distance to Ears: Mouse stops laughing, and notes, with absurd calm, that they should really really leave with all /due/ haste, perhaps.

From afar, Ears er, grunts, IC.

<OOC> Yak: Okay! GM pose - the things it is saying somehow hit you at the heart. Like a wierd anti-prayer that in fact /drains/ spiritual resolve and energy from you. Javen, KL, Anpu, you all lose one temporary Gnosis. Camille, Desh, you are both able to resist it. Reggie, you botched and lost all of your temp Gnosis.
<OOC> Yak: Carry on!

Her immediate enemy defeatd, Frostbite instantly tears at her torso as she sees her foe fall, razor claws digging at her chest. She hacks blood and foam as she dives for that silver bullet, all her concentration on seeking that weapon, hunched over herself. Once she finds it, if she's able to, she emits a howl as she launches herself at Fomor7/7 as it attacks Eight Mile from behind, attempting to punch that bullet down its throat, using the hand with her heavily spiked cestus. That's gonna cause some gore. Snakepatcher shoves at the titan violently, pushing them apart and him off the spikes, and hopefully causing the titan to crash to the ground with his gift of falling touch. Kaz better watch out! Kaz tries womanfully /to/ watch out, dodging with unnatural speed and trying to eviscerate the fomor further. Eight Mile howls in pain, her clawed hands reaching up toward the hands that have part-blinded her, trying to get them off.

<OOC> Yak: Kaz, you also /just/ resisted it.
<OOC> Yak: Mouse, you do too.

~Big shit comin'!~ Speaks-Softly shouts out in the mother's tongue, cringing as he feels the assault upon both his ears and his spirit. The Garou takes a step up on his boulder and crouches, readying his bane arrow and training it in the direction of whatever the hell is coming at them. KL whirls to help out with the remaining fomori, all claws and teeth and speed, aimed at whatever enemy is closest to her and still moving. Desh lifts his gun, careful that he has a clear shot before he fires at one of the still living fomori. Mouse, on the other hand, has gone silent, laughter dying in her throat. She mouths something into the comm, and then she lifts her gun, steadies it, and aims directly at the oncoming /thing/. The moment it's within range, she fires. Not once or twice, she makes a frenetic show of trying to empty her entire clip into it.

Titan (3/7) topples backwards onto his spiked spine, unexpectedly trapping himself against the ground and leaving him prone as Ears sets upon him. Ears gets a punch from a flailed arm, bruising her Dancer-esque mug but otherwise falling victim to a furious crinos Garou. The lingering effects of the fomor's toxins add to the drained feeling that Reggie experiences when he hears the tormenting tongues. The only thing Fomor7/7 has is the element of surprise, but otherwise Eight Mile rips out (and off) the clawed hand in her face, the followthrough causing Frostbite's cestus to bury to the hilt in the fomor's face, killing it. The fomori patrol from the northeast seize the opportunity, firing rifles towards the Garou. Bullets glance off the tree cover by Mouse, Anpu, Desh and KL in the process, the ahroun of the group getting plugged in the side with a couple of bullets shortly before she sets upon them (2-6/8) in a whirlwind of claws and fangs. Desh narrowly misses the Fury ahroun as he fires into a chest of an oncoming fomor (2/8), causing a stumble, a trip, then a faceplant into the ground on the fomor's part. While Mouse and Anpu focus on Nomnoms, the third wave of fomori crash into the Gaians.

From the east comes a short howl, its volume pulsing in length and tone - a code of sorts, familiar to many of the Gaian Garou who bothered to memorize it. No enemies to the east. More enemies coming from the north. Yes, more. However, it given the exultant tone, it seems Whisperer intends to Do something about that, but exactly what remains a mystery.
<OOC> Earth-Whisperer: -it

The dozen terrible mouths at last come into view, ever louder as it comes. The sight is worse, perhaps, than the sound it emits - a collection of curved beaks /lined with razor-teeth/ open, close, gnash, shriek, mumble, bite, drag, snarl and whisper the chaunts of Corruption, all twitching as if in an epileptic fit. The mouths are attached to skinny necks, somehow dragging along the central mass of the beast, an enormous, pulsing, amorphous blob of pale, vein-crossed flesh. It shrieks as Mouse pumps bullets into it, cracking beaks and teeth with her cold barrage of hot lead, yet it shows no signs of stopping as it snaps ahead - headed right for the tree Mouse is perched in. A skinny neck twitches as it lifts its great maw, and whispering a foul lie of the Wyrm it digs deeply into the tree's flesh, seeming to rear up as it tugs the roots out of the earth, attempting to bring the Glass Walker down to the terrible maws of blasphemy that await, writhing on the bloated meat-sack.

To (Mouse, Yak), Sai pages: Nomnoms <3s you long time, Mouse. Honest.

Speaks-Softly holds the line even as the great and terrible beasts crests the earth beneath them, standing atop his rock as he trakcs it with his bow. He waits a split second, just enough for more of it to get into view- Then with unhuman speed, the Crinos lets loose a set of three bane arrows towards the beast's monsterous center mass. KL is a whirling dervish of frenzy on the fomori that caused it. Desh takes a moment to shoot at one of the mouths going after Mouse. Whether he hits or not, he darts back, moving to take up another position and fire again as soon as he gets a clear go at the beast. Mouse grips the tree with her knees as she shoves her now empty gun away, and pulls the seemingly innocuous supersoaker from the strap over her shoulders. She aims at the thing swallowing tree and trying to swallow her, spraying gasoline. Her only pithy quote now is, "Fuck you," as she calls on a particular metis gift.

Kaz takes in the situation. ~Right. Get that fucker,~ she snarls, pointing at the bane. Frostbite tears her cestus with some difficulty from the fomor, whirling about to seek her other packmates. Her teeth bare as she looks up at the disgusting bane, and then she launches herself at it. Snakepatcher, pierced as many times as an emo girl's face, stands unsteadily on his feet, staring ahead of him, surprised at there's no titan standing there, then looks down to the fallen titan. He blinks hard and squints at the titan and at Kaz until he finally determines that the titan is no further threat. ~C'mon, Snakepatcher,~ urges Kaz, who lumbers after Javen, claws bared. Both Kaz and Javen are aiming for the end of the creature that hasn't been doused in gasoline. Eight Mile launches herself in a blurred rage toward the incoming Fomori, doing what she can to take out one of the Fomori on KL. If she can get close enough, she attempts to rip the throat out of the first one she can reach. Though she does keep a weather eye out to make sure KL won't turn on her.

The fomori setting upon KL get their shots in. The Claw at first topples under the weight of the assault, only to twist and writhe in impossible contortions and snarling incoherently. Eight Mile manages to save the Fury from a possibly lethal blow as she grabs one fomor (4/8) and rips his head from his spinal cord. Caught between two crinos, the remaining fomori split their attentions, with 5/8 and 6/8 turning towards the Gnawer philo; one of them (5/8) spews a sticky, toxic mess right into her face akin to the frilled dinosaur out of Jurassic Park, finishing the blinding job started while the other (6/8) punches the halfmoon hard in that blinded face. The remaining fomor (3/8) makes the mistake in trying to finish off the Claw, his chest appendages getting torn out shortly before the rest of his steaming insides join the outside air and his soul joins countless others in Hell. KL remains frenzied however, and Eight Mile remains in friendly-fire danger zone.

To the north is the sound of an ominous kind of rumble, faint yet detectable. Another earthquake? Maybe, maybe not...

<OOC> Earth-Whisperer: o/`

Meanwhile, the horrific Bane is set upon from all sides - its beaked maw lets go of Mouse's tree as Bane Arrows arc in the air at impossible angles, homing straight for its flesh - the many beaks at last shriek in unison, a howl of untold, otherworldly pain as the talens do their job. All voices now join in speaking the Tongue of the Wyrm - Desh and Anpu feel their spirit-essence weakening, and somehow the evil words steal into Mouse's heart with new resolve and strike, cutting the bottom out of her great reserve of spirit-energy and draining it all away with the purity of its blasphemy. At this opportunity, Javen and Kaz are able to thrust its many mouths aside and rip into its flesh unmolested, the twitching sack of meat defenseless as black, disgusting ichor flows all around them, staining their fur and skin. Like a match being struck, the beast suddenly erupts into flame, gore and gas-fire mixing and hissing, drowning out all of the monster's cacophony.

And then, suddenly, a howl of victory from the north. It contains no information, but is familiar to those who know Whisperer's voice.

From afar, Anpu Speaks-Softly seems ready to fling another arrow at the ungodly earth dwelling creature when it erupts into flames. The Galliard swivels at the hip as he draws on his bow once more, shooting at any Fomori he has a clear line of sight on.

Distracted just briefly, Kaz then snarls, ~Talon broke the dam! Water coming!~ in a gleeful sort of voice, and slams hard into the bane, joining Javen. Javen hisses as the creature catches fire, but it's not long before she's diving back in. The bone gladius of hers is torn from its shoulder sheath as she starts swiping and stabbing at the body of the creature; she and Kaz distance themselves from the flames best as they can. Reggie moves about hesitantly, looking for the people who were with him, and working on telling Kaz apart from a Dancer that might have joined the festivities. When he confirms Camille's location and that she's fighting two fomori, he moves in her direction to join her fight against them. Camille, though blinded, fights strongly against those attacking her, using scent and hearing as much as possible.

Mouse joins the monster's shrieking with a wordless, Rage maddened and utterly defiant shriek of her own, as she feels that energy stolen away. In an instant she's returned to her birth form, and she abandons the safety of the tree to leap right on top of it, flames or no, ripping and tearing as best as a weak metis with a bad spine and a lot of pent up frustration can. Speaks-Softly seems ready to fling another arrow at the ungodly earth dwelling creature when it erupts into flames. The Galliard swivels at the hip as he draws on his bow once more, shooting at any Fomori he has a clear line of sight on. Desh fires his last round into the beastie, and then shoulders the shotgun. He tries to scoot closer to Mouse, unsure of the thing's lingering vitality, and taps into the last of his rage - ready to offer a lifeline.

KL also turns to fighting blindly when Fomor 5/8 gets in a good shot and leaves the Fury ahroun to be attacking the undergrowth savagely. The two fomori work in tandem as they get ahold of their rifles and fire a pair of shots point blank into Camille's torso. So busy are they with Camille that they don't take notice of the Uktena ahroun's approach, to the point that he gets the drop on them. The commotion turns Camille's head and hands, and she manages to meet the hard metal stock and arms one of her attackers (6/8), clawing one hard enough to send him to the ground with a cry of pain. The rumbling from the north gets closer, along with the telltale sound of crashing trees and flowing water...

Long distance to (Sai, Yak): Mouse clarifies, not a frenzy, she's just PISSED. Like NOT MY GNOSIS, BITCH >( >( >( and so she does something infinitely stupid.

The Bane fails in death-throes, every unspeakable syllable now pitched in a wheedling arc of agony. With three Garou ripping into its flesh, it soon deflates, twitching and flailing even as the ichor inside it flows across the earth, sizzling as it seems to disappear from the earth. The form of the monster seems to lose animation as well, and it expires at last, leaving Frostbite, Ears and Mouse covered in swathes of gasoline flame. The smell of burning petroleum mixes with the rank, offensive smell of singed fur, too shallow to burn down to the Garous' thick hides, but certainly not comfortable, either.

Howling in pain and her breath coming in a shudder, blind Eight Mile ripples as Rage burns through her and she attempts to subdue the remaining Fomori on her (6/8) before it does more damage. Snakepatcher, having staggered over indecisively towards Camille's section of the dancefloor, cuts into her dance with fomor 5/8 and attempts to mangle the fomor in 5/8th time with claws singing through the fomor's tainted flesh. Kaz pants and bares her teeth at the former bane, and then looks around. ~Ware water!~ she calls, and lumbers over toward KL, not even stopping for the flames on her fur, trying to knock her out before the flood is on them. Frostbite, meanwhile, leaps away, patting quickly at the swaths of flame on her blackened fur. She resheaths her dripping short-sword, whipping around to check on the others. Then she hunches, her eyes flickering around, searching for an unengaged enemy as she closes a large paw over the hole that silver bullet made in her sternum.

Mouse snarls at the dead bane, clearly not satisfied. She retrieves the mostly empty, plastic and otherwise not at all weapon worth supersoaker from where she dropped it, and batters it uselessly until the toy breaks, after which she kicks and claws at the corpse with bare claws. Fire? Who cares about fire? Speaks-Softly looks down upon the fracas at the bottom of the hill, the few threats left and the mana Garou remaining. The Galliard puts his bow into the immense quiver on his shoulder, then hustles over to the dead bane with haste and grace. He checks on what Garou are there, then, defying the flames, uses his claws to sever one of the beast's many heads. Desh, meanwhile, makes an attempt at putting out the flaming Mouse while she's mutilating the corpse.

Raging-Phoenix's fire burns out as she not only runs out of Rage, but a punch to the back of her skull from the Sept Alpha extinguishes the inner fire after a shower of stars. No match for Snakepatcher, Fomor 5/8 puts up a mild fight but ultimately meets its end in the claws of the ahroun, hacking and spitting but missing the Uktena's eyes to send a globby black wad of spittle into the ahroun's muzzle like the world's grossest loogie before it passes away. Camille's claws strike a tree, glancing off before she finds flesh again, this time opening the fomor's chest up and catching entrails, ripping away a huge bloody chunk. That fomor stills, gasping in death throes. The waters from the broken dam come in like a wide tide, a muddy mass of branches and debris. It puts out a few flames, on the bane, on the Garou - even though much of the gasoline simply rises to the top of the waters to burn there. Not more than a foot of water actually makes it to their location. One suspects the road by the camp is also now out of commission. Earth-Whisperer's lone howl signals safety in a route towards the northeast following the road. Once that howl fades away, the valley is left in an eerie silence.

The body, even the head of the Bane sizzles into nothingness, assisted by the flow of water as its rapidly-disappearing corpse loses all form. The stolid Garou remain unmoved by the struggling waters, though the unconscious members of the party ought to be pulled out of the water before they drown. All is quiet now. A strange peace settles over the valley. The Wyrm is gone now from this place.

Indeed, Kaz grabs KL, once she's down. She sends up an answering howl, triumphant and free, and then looks around. ~Let's blow this popsicle stand before we get more friends poppin' up.~

Frostbite seems unsettled, her ears and face swiveling to Kaz. ~Jason...~ She inquires, her pale eyes wide.

First-Strike keeps kicking at the bane even after it's /disappeared/, with the tip of her tail twitching furiously. It's like she barely even noticed the sudden flood.

Desh had used his duster to try and put out Mouse's immolated fur, and with the help of the water, has probably been mostly succesful. "Ms. Mouse," he insists, retracting his likely ruined garment (mk II) and laying a firm, but sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "Time to go."

Anpu gives up on actually taking his bloody trophy, but the Garou slides the spear from his back and hefts it to the sky. ~Garou of The Hidden Walk! Remember this day, that we have defeated our foes on their land and buried them in blood and water!~ Speaks-Softly throws back his head and howls, the sound uniquely unnatural. It's not just his own howl, but that of many Garou of the Hidden Walk howling in unison, as if at a moot.

First-Strike snaps, while clawing at the muddy, water-covered ground, ~/Busy/.~ It's not very satisfying to claw water, however, and eventually she stops on her own, glaring at the patch of ground where the thing was as she straightens back up.

Even as she reaches a bloody hand toward her right eye--which is not gouged out but covered in fomori strange-spit. She starts to swing her arms, toward what she thinks may be her next attacker.

Snakepatcher stands numbly, blood and spittle dripping from him, then he reacts as Camille continues attacking. ~It's dead!~, he informs her, ~We're done. Let's go~, then he finally notices her condition ~Hell, you can't see? I'll guide you~, and puts his hand on her arm.

Ears gestures towards the cars. ~Thattaway. Kevin brung him t'where we arranged t'meet up.~ Then she observes Mouse with concern, but she's distracted by Camille; Reggie saves the day, however, and she merely says, ~Let's get home.~ And she starts walking. (Or, really, creeping through the forest avoiding traps and stray Dancers.)

Another triumphant howl from the Red Talon directs the Garou to the way out and home.

Frostbite sags in relieve at the news. She slumps a little into the water, her hand half on her bullet wound and half on her belly. She murmurs something. ~Second taste of blood. How was it?~ She croons, before finally rousing herself to head home.

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