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04 January 2012 @ 03:41 am
"You have won your way into the sacred Pit, only to die here at my hands."  

Summary: The Columbia River Gorge Hive fight, part 3. 5/23/2010

The noises of battle and terrible monsters battling to the death is swallowed up by a terrible shaking and rumbling - Something stirs beneath those down here, its unthinkable presence seeming to pull the tunnel down around you. By itself the tunnel behind you looks to be crushed to pieces, shut by terrible strength. Pieces of dirt and rock fall all around you - there is no choice but to press on, deeper into the bowels of this evil place.

Nik falters only briefly in his chasing of Witness, who still bears his knife in her head, when the tunnel begins to shudder beneath his feet. He glances briefly at Roscoe, but presses on, panting.

Roscoe heads after him, flagging due to injuries.

Mouse can't help a half strangled, muted scream-growl as she yanks the knife back out of her hand. "Wait," she pants. "Wait, wait, wait." Her eyes are wide, and if she had fur, it'd probably be standing straight out. That might be from the pain, but there's a sense it's not /just/ the pain.

Kaz snarls, ~Fuckin' shit! Fucking ass cunt-puking mother /fucking/ goddamned /fucking/ PIT of a /motherfucking/ Hive!~ She pants for a moment, and then growls, ~Mouse. Come on. Only way out is through.~ And she and Camille set off down the tunnel.

The tunnel, the earth, the air around you seemse to shake as a foul, primordial smell creeps into the air. What is more, the feeling that something /else/ surrounds and closes in grows only stronger.

 Meanwhile, Witness turns in her tracks, sending up the ululating howl of Whippoorwill. The sound of steel sliding against bone is audible as the knife is removed from her head, jabbing it into the dirt beside her. ~You lose!~ she crows to them. ~The Dark One has come to our aid! You are already destroyed! I offer you one chance to surrender, because my master will offer none! I die for Ziqra, Angu and Our Father Wyrm!~ Bellowing her challenge to the Gaians in front of her, she charges with claws outstretched right into the teeth of those Gaians in the crumbling tunnel.

Nik clashes with Witness as he and Roscoe meet her charge, tooth to tooth, claw to claw. Initially, his first attempt is to deck her right in the toothy mug with a scarred fist, which holds his remaining bowie knife.

In an instant, Mouse goes from near panic to outright /fury/. ~No, /you/ fucking lose, you ass-licking, motherfucking /shit/!~ She jams the knife into her waistband, grabs both handgun /and/ submachine gun, and lunges forward, looking for any clear shot even as she closes into melee range.

Kaz snorts at Witness as if slightly incredulous. ~Did you just say that? You want /us/ to /surrender?/~ As Mouse swears, Kaz verifies, ~Oh, you did. Just checking.~ Grinning with relief -- Mouse is back! -- Kaz slams into Witness, aiming to support both Roscoe and Nik. Camille, for the moment, keeps watch on further down the hall.

The Dancer is, predictably, shot and stabbed to pieces by the furious Mouse and her allies - already injured, she dies with a guttural shudder. The tunnel begins to feel dangerously unstable, however - cracks begin to form in the earth underfoot. The only way to go now is down.
Nik grabs his knife. Camille grabs a gun. Mouse grabs her sanity. Roscoe grabs his blood. Kaz grabs her metaphorical nuts and growls, ~I am /not fucking happy/ you motherfuckers.~ And then she leads the way down the tunnel.

The tunnel brings you all further and further down the tunnel. An air of unease grips the surroundings, and although the rumbling lessens the farther down the party goes, there is no less of a sense of spiritual dread - for this place is deep in the Pit, growing closer and closer to the Heart...

 ...and then the Heart of the Pit opens before you.

 Sickly green fires line the sides of the wall, a roaring bonfire in the center providing the majority of the room's light. Blasphemous glyphs are painted upon the wall in an eerie blue tint that somehow shines through the gloom, illuminating nothing but themselves - their messages claw at the sanity of any not tainted by the Wyrm. Four figures stand with their own shadows thrown over them, cloaked by the inky blackness that the Balefire provides. Three are human; one on the left slouches, a skinny wastrel of a Crinos hulk. The one that stands in the front seems to command attention and dread by his very presence; without even moving a muscle, this beast reveals his high stature in the eyes of Whippoorwill.

 "Invaders," he purrs, his voice low, filled with cruelty beyond imagination, insanity without bottom; power without limit. "You have won your way into the sacred Pit, only to die here at my hands. Speak, that I may know whom I slay."

Kaz scrabbles to a halt, having paused briefly to let her leg heal somewhere back there. And now she snarls incredulously. ~Speak? You ask me to speak? You ask /me/ to speak? OK! You wanna know who we are? We're you're /doom/, you motherfuckin' son of a piss sucking cunt. We are /Gaia's wrath come to judge you/, you scum guzzling brother of a pigeon eating /badger/. We are /The Hidden Walk's own/. And me? Personally? I am Kaz. I am Ears to the Ground, I am Galliard, metis, twice daughter of Rat, Alpha of my pack and my /goddamn fucking Sept/, and I have /had enough/.~ All that said, she simply tosses herself at the one in front, without any kind of style or panache, without any kind of hesitation.

Laughs-at-Shadows bursts into the pit, panting from his run. He does nothing at first, his eyes instantly zeroing in on the one who calls them, sizing him up openly while Kaz speaks.

Devil's-Eye, the shambling mess that he is barely held together, still manages to somehow draw himself up to his full height. The Silver Fang ahroun responds, ~I am Rages-Against-the-Devil's-Eye, Ahroun of the Silver Fangs, Packbrother to Broken-Morning, Luna-Over-Moon's-Cradle, No-Brainer, Wears-the-Death-Mask...~ The lone baleful red eye of the Wyrm shines with malice from his skull, mirrored by cool blue. ~And I Know Your Secret, Akultot-ikthya.~

Mouse pulls the knife out again, which still bears streaks of her own blood, and no one else's. She grips it as Kaz speaks, and when her Alpha finishes, the Walker Theurge lifts her chin. ~I am a servant of Gaia and Cockroach, and you don't get my name. The only thing I have to say is /Fuck/. /You/.~ And again, she slams that blade deep into her own flesh, this time her stomach, which is softer and requires less bracing and strength.

The room suddenly erupts with one thousand terrible voices - chittering, screaming, whispering, coming from all directions and nowhere at once, save for one voice in a debauched dialect of Mother's Tongue: ~Slay /All/ Who Will Not Join Thee. You -~

The human shapes have risen into the warform, but seem to pause in shock as their leader merely stands in place, stone silent, unable to move. Not a sound or whimper passes his lips - he draws not one breath of fetid air. Without a single sound he falls to the ground, the screaming stops. All is complete, dead silence.

 And then Kaz is upon him. As flesh is rent limb from limb by the raging Sept Alpha, the terrifying howl of a broken monster at last tears from the throat of Akultot ~Who-Rules-By-the-Might-of-Those-Below~. Ripped to pieces like a bloated carrion, set upon by hungry rats.

 Without warning, everything begins to shudder. The malevolent presence in this place changes from the confident seat of power to blind panic. The three behind Akultot's now ravaged corpse turn tail and flee, their monolithic leader shattered like a fear-stricken cub.

Ears, hungry rat, spends half a moment more on Akultot, and then whirls. Never very fast, she pushes hard to run after those fleeing. ~Gaia calls for your /tears/!~ she howls.

Laughs-at-Shadows straightens with a chuff of derision as Kaz rages away after the fleeing Dancers, moving to spit on Akultot's ravaged corpse. ~Wimp.~ He snarls, the only words he's emitted so far.

A scream rips from Mouse's lips, one of pain, but also one of unbelievable fury. The knife falls from her fingers--the submachine gun also. The handgun starts to fall, but vanishes into her body as she shifts instantly to birthform and tears after the fleeing Dancers as fast as she can possibly go, a twisted, frail looking crinos that nevertheless looks as though she wants nothing more than to inflict sheer bloody murder.

~No, wait! Stop!~ calls Devil's-Eye in a sudden panic at the very dead silence. The ahroun remains where he is, staring into the dancing shadows of the Pit.

Ears does not seem to be stopping.

~Run!~ Calls the one up front, a female by the sound of it. ~Ziqra will kill us all! We must-~ Without warning, the room begins to shake fiercely. The walls and floor of the high-cielinged Pit erupt with the same foul-smelling tendrils that choked off the Gaians' escape. Raising the fleeing Dancers above the earth, they begin to flail and scream in the air, eyes widening with panic, tongues gagging out of their throats are pulled apart with impossible force. Gore showers the barren Pit, and the foul blood of the Black Spiral Dancers stains the tainted earth. One word seems to reverberate in the room once the slaughter is complete:


 Though the Dancers lie dead, the Gaians still have the feeling that they are distinctly not alone.

Ears stops short as the Dancers are destroyed. Barely clinging to the edge of her own control, Kaz says, ~Shit?~ experimentally, and then mutters, ~This would be a really /bad/ time for Call of the Wyrm, right Mouse?~ She's slowly backing away. ~Ragabash. An exit. Find it.~

First-Strike doesn't look like she has any intention of stopping either, until.../that/...happens. She makes a grab for Kaz, as if to pull her back, and as if she had the muscle mass to actually do so, and stares at the remains of who they were chasing. Her ears shoot straight up, and she turns her head slowly to look behind her, and then up at the ceiling. ~...Yes. A really, really bad time.~

Laughs-at-Shadows squints up at the gore showering down upon them. He shakes out his fur and shifts down to Hispo at Kaz's order, his knives melting into his fur. More /running!/ He darts away, heading to circle the pit and find a way out.

Camille follows, trying to help.

Nik suddenly falters, his eyes rolling back in his head as he sinks suddenly down into homid. "Hhhhoollly fuuuuckkk...." The ragabash breathes before his voice is choked off completely, his eyes wide as he sinks to his knees, then to his hands before crumpling onto the ground, shuddering with a gutteral moan of either pain or ecstasy. Hard to tell.

Ears says, ~Shit?~ and then, ~Shit!~ and then, ~Fuck.~ And she and Camille are on Nik, and Camille hefts him up so that Kaz can grab him in a fireman's carry ; she glares around, looking for that mythical exit.

Devil's-Eye shakes his large head, but then yelps as the Dancers bite the dust. He hurries to Akultot's side, bending down to study the dead Warder. ~Sacrifice!~ he calls at the others. Only then, when Nik is struck down, does he sound even more urgent. ~It is the only way!~

As though out of nowhere, a woman appears in front of Ears and Mouse. Even in the sickly greenish light of the Pit's balefire her form is all too clear. She is comely, after a fashion, black hair streaked and frayed in front of her face. She wears a plain white camisole and gym shorts, at first seeming quite out of place in this horrendous Pit. She looks up at Ears, then over at Mouse. Just standing there, unafraid.

Ears hefts Nik's body. ~Judge Dredd,~ she says, casually. ~Toss the fucker in.~ Camille goes to, in fact, heft Akultot. Kaz, meanwhile, asks the lady experimentally, ~Ziqra?~

It's obvious that Nik is not unconscious. He stares, his eyes slightly glazed as all the change falls out of his pockets. A little voice in the back of his head asks himself if those quarters would count as a sacrifice. He's still shuddering and groaning.

First-Strike narrows her eyes at Devil's-Eye, but her attention is very quickly grabbed by the appearance of the woman. She draws in a slight breath. *Lady Ziqra,* she murmurs. Her tone is bizarre. Soft. Reverent. Worshipping, even. *That offal was brought low by a twisted mule half his size, and was not worthy of my name. But you,* she gazes on the figure, and then looks up at the ceiling. *I have heard your name whispered in the very darkest corners of my haunts. I dreamed of you, I have come to you. Will you speak with me, Lady of the Deep?*

<OOC> First-Strike does something /insane/. And uh, tries to flex manip 4.
<OOC> Ears gyahahaha.

It becomes quite obvious that Roscoe is trying his damnedest to remember something quite important.

Ears casts the most incredulous glance possible at Mouse.

One could hardly call this girl a lady - more a wastrel. Upon closer inspection her curves bear dark bruises, or streaks of blood. Her knuckles are stripped bare, bright red where the bone barely crowns. Mud cakes her hair; her toenails are cracked and broken. But most of all the eyes: her gaze speaks of degradation. In her eyes is the lightless light of every victim of cruelty that has ever been known in all time. Her breathing is shallow, and when she turns to Mouse to look at her with those pulped-marshmallow eyes, she takes a few dazed, empty-headed steps in her direction. *You know me, but not my Father,* she says, her voice a kind of empty drawl. *You do not guard his treasure in your soul. I was born to show the way, but you turned from it before I ever met you.* Her hands clutch around her stomach, and she seems to unconsciously wince to herself. *It doesn't have to end here,* she continues. *It's not too late to learn... if you let me show you, I'll make it all better.*
Ears pages: Kaz asks, without even knocking first, ~What the fucking fuck?~

Long distance to Ears: First-Strike sends back a distracted, emphatic sense of fear, and "/Time/", and "/Roscoe/".

There's movement on Kaz's shoulder as Nik finally relaxes, moving to slide off the Alpha and onto his sneakers with a dazed slump. He shakes his head clear, peering curiously at the girl. Curiously, and suspiciously.

Ears's gaze tightens; /now/ she looks at Roscoe, and then she growls, ~Fuck,~ and lets Nik go. She can't quite bring herself to talk to the spirit; instead, she goes to help Camille.

*Years ago,* Mouse murmurs, looking but not looking at the woman, her eyes trailing over her body but not quite ever meeting her eyes, *A packmate of mine heard him. Heard his call. Heard his truth. She tried to tell me about it, but she was interrupted. I...didn't understand, then. I have been.../empty/. Out of place. Always, always missing something, since that time. It was not until I dreamed of you, until I set foot here, that I realized the emptiness. You are right. I do not know Him. I have cut down every one of his unworthy servants here, but you...now I understand. Tell me, please, Lady. Speak words to me. Why am I empty?*

For all you can see, this beaten girl cannot look you in the eye, either. *Because you haven't discovered your true self,* she says, sounding unsure of herself somehow... or just incapable of putting emotion into anything she says. *That's why you live beside monsters. You haven't found what I have, so you're going to be a monster forever.* She looks up at the Glass Walker now, her gaze probing with those empty eyes. *You /left/ the /cycle/, Mouse - I /know/ you're not ready to come back. You came to kill me. But maybe you're not really lying to me. When you think about that, Mouse, you think about whether or not you were really lying to me. Because there's only one thing I can do now.*

 Without another word, she is gone. The entire place is dead quiet, save the crackling of the Balefire.

Yak pages: You can feel something /HUGE/ in spangly letters preparing to cross over into the Realm.

Ears mutters, ~Fuck this for a bag of larks,~ and hefts Alkultot.

Nik just stands there, staring. Then he peers at Akultot. "That guy have anything good?" He asks, reaching for his pockets.

*Don't leave,* Mouse says, a begging tone in her voice. But as silence falls, her eyes narrow, and she looks toward the other Garou. *A monster forever,* she echoes, more to herself than anyone else. *Lady Ziqra, there is only one thing that I can do, here in the dark.* She melts down to glabro, her handgun appearing in her right hand. She points it at the Gnawer, and thumbs the hammer back. *Ears-to-the-Ground!* the Theurge snarls, her voice thick and hate filled. And then she fairly spits a phrase at her. It sounds Spanish, but whatever she said, it did /not/ sound complimentary.

You paged Ears with 'Something like 'She's /coming through/.' and '/Duck/'.'.

Ears ducks.

Mouse fires not half a second later.

Nik stares, his mouth beginning to gape as he sees Mouse pulling a gun and aiming in their direction. He's too dazed to do much.

It feels as though the very life-essence (or what passes for it) in the air of this Pit drains away into the balefire in the center. Above it rises something terrible. Pallid legs reach up to join the whip-thin pelvis of a being culled from the deepest recesses of nightmare. Its chest is covered by black rags that drip with cruenta; pallid hands each clutch a long braided whip, shards of broken glass woven into the barbed-wire. Her hair, stark black as the shadows that fill this Pit, hangs like a black cloak behind her. And her face bears unflinching, undimmed hatred for all life. Ziqra, Cruelty's Handmaiden, has come into this world.

Ears, finished ducking, stands, slowly. She stares at the Totem, trying as best she can to stand her ground. ~Uh. Devil's Eye? Have you figured out whatever the fuck you're figuring out yet?~ She takes a breath. ~Because I am /not really a fan of this/.~

Nik jumps back a second too late. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" He barks, both at Mouse and the incarnated Ziqra. He's obviously quite cranky about all this. He peers over at Ziqra, gauging her openly.

Mouse fires again at Kaz, this time without warning. She's not skimping on her aim, though she's not taking long to do so either. *Lady!* she cries, as the figure emerges, and she turns toward her, stepping toward her. *If I must be a monster, let me be a monster. Speak to me. /Show me/!*

Devil's-Eye seems to come out of his reverie at that call to him from the Sept Alpha. With the incarnation of Lady Ziqra before them, he snarls at Mouse. ~No!~ And jumps in front of the bullet.

*You never really understood,* the Bane Totem howls, her lips made of razors, her teeth of cracked shell. *You were too weak to understand. Weak for all generations and all times! You fall apart like straw when put to the flame; you could never struggle, never resist like my true children; for the slower they burn the hotter they become in the end, a flaming coal to warm my Father. You could /never/ be that.* An arm raises sinuously, and the barbed-wire lash bends and screeches as it lashes out to wrap around First-Strike, broken glass digging into her skin. With a flick of a wrist she dashes her against the wall, flesh torn to pieces, then rounds on Ears-to-the-Ground.

Nik suddenly crumples again, a scream finally tearing from the Ragabash's throat as he holds his head.

Ears howls, ~Don't /die/, just /fucking figure it out/ before /we/ die, asshole!~ And then her jaw drops and she's straightening to glare at the Totem. ~Quit it, bubblelah, you're boring.~

Speaks-Softly stops dead in his tracks within the veil of a shadow, pale green light flickering across his fur. Speaks-Softly watches from his position in silence, waiting, trying to grasp the situation and to remember the spirit. He holds his spears down low in front of him, points aimed at the ground.

Similarly, Nikiya stays low to the ground, glaring daggers at the Totem, her teeth bared; for now, she waits, quiet.

Runs-Like-Hell hobbles his way in with his arm around Speech-And-Silence, moving as fast as he can, though wincing and holding his stomach the whole way. His expression of determination falls when he sees the being floating above the fire. And then Roscoe jumps and Runs-Like-Hell squeaks, yanking Kevin forwards towards the group. The result is a somewhat uncomfortable mass of Garou, just inside the tunnel entrance to the chambers.

Desh, on the other hand, never stopped, and stepped right into the chamber, confident the spirit would be busy with Other Things, than to worry about lil 'ol him, just yet. He promptly fires from the hip, right towards the joint of the great spirit's leg.

Wincing at the gunfire, Roscoe ducks, but straightens again. ~I understand! I know!~ grits out the Silver Fang ahroun at Ears. Then at the sight of the newcomers, he turns again to address the totem. ~It is what you wanted, Ziqra, isn't it? You only wanted others to understand. I understand. Take me as your child!~ He looks to Ears to the Ground, no apology in his expression for what he is about to do. He also looks towards the others, a calm entering him, and a short flick of his ears. Be ready.

Shrieks pour from the Bane Totem's mouth as the bullet slams into its thigh, but nothing can prepare her for what Roscoe says. She lowers the whips, fangs gaping at the metis. Then with unearthly speed she raises a whip and digs the broken glass into his flesh... only to find blood welling from her chest, the gore-darkened rags only wetting with blood. The other whip goes down, furiously rending his flesh. Hers follows in equal measure. The fury on her face grows, each desperate strike only tearing her body apart further and further. Then the mark of fear appears on the Totem's face, and in terror she quails from him; strength spent, she sinks down to the toxic earth, barely able to support the weight of her rapidly-loosening spirit essence. She crawls closer to the metis, reaching out a gaunt hand to grasp him and drag him closer. Opening her terrible mouth she sinks her teeth into his neck... and slumps atop him, fallen at last.

Ears stiffens, catching Roscoe's gaze; and she makes an abortive movement towards him.

As the totem's shell slumps upon the Silver Fang and disappears, so does the metis ahroun topple to his knees. A blackened steam wraps around him, and in his next inhale, the gaseous substance slips into the open wounds and mouth. One last word from the ahroun. ~DIE!~ The flesh animate, it blurs with Rage, claws outstretched for Ears-to-the-Ground.

Mouse remains crumpled at the base of the wall. She's returned to birth form, bleeding and unmoving.

Nik suddenly straightens from his crumple, his head clear and his knife drawn. His Rage burns as he shifts back to Crinos and dives for the one attacking Ears, knife aimed at his gut. And Kaz? Kaz flashes into movement without a pause, jaws going straight for Roscoe's throat.

To (Ears, First-Strike), Devil's-Eye pages: It appears that Mouse is dead, if one were to go look.

Speaks-Softly seems ready to jump and join the fight the moment Desh fires, his spears raising up as if to throw- But as the spectacle unfolds before him, the Strider's limbs ease up with a look of aw. Then he sees Mouse bloodied on the floor, and decides to scoot over to the Metis to check on her - a process Desh has already begun, healing talen in his hand and ready to be used, if necessary. But then, Roscoe's animating, and he turns his gun on the Fang. Bang. (Provided, of course, said shot is clear).

Runs-Like-Hell sucks in his breath when Roscoe says that, and when the totem approaches Roscoe, the Fianna's legs go limp, and Kevin has to hold him up. Nikiya's eyes widen at Roscoe's offer, her jaw dropping just a little bit. Then, she scrambles out into the open, aiming a shot of the semi-automatic at Roscoe. ~NO! No touch Kaz-rhya!~

The Silver Fang ahroun's lost his mind. In short time, gunfire rings out, knives stab, teeth sink in. The Devil's-Eye soon rages against it no more, head flopping loosely, that red soulless eye staring lifelessly in Nik's and the others' directions. He expires.
The entire Hive's structure rumbles precariously, water sounds audible.

<OOC> Runs-Like-Hell: Load Bearing Boss!

As the two Striders reach her, they find Mouse unmoving. Cold. Dead. But as Roscoe falls, a bizarre counter occurs in the Walker Theurge--air is suddenly sucked into her lungs, her eyes spring open, and she begins gasping desperately for air.

Kaz briefly holds Roscoe's throat in her jaws. And then she spits it out and stumbles to her feet. Standing above him, she says, quite distinctly, ~Fuck no, /you/ ain't killin' me, bitch.~ And then she grabs Roscoe, and slings his body over her shoulder. ~We, are leaving,~ she announces, and starts running towards the outside.

Speaks-Softly stares down at the dead metis with a grim look, then jumps back a little when she gasps for life. ~Ally.~ Speaks-Softly grunts out. He grabs her up in his arms and pulls her snug across his chest, craddling the thin Theurge as he goes for the exit.

Runs-Like-Hell stares into the room, mostly unseeing, his jaw agape at what he's just seen. The Fianna has been broken, trembling violently as he leans against Kevin. When Mouse sucks in her breath, though, he blinsk and seems to come to his senses. His ears lay back, eyes wide as he looks around the room, listening to that rumble. Then Kaz is running past him and he whirls about. "Kaz-rhya! Second right, then first left, then the third...fuck it! Wait for me!"

Desh briefly checks Mouse's wounds, vitals. It doesn't seem like her wounds are as bad as they /look/, and so he stows the talen and instead offers himself to help her up. "Miss Mouse," he says, without any judgment in his voice. "I think we're about t' relive one a' them End Times movies, in surround-flood. We need t'get goin'." And then it seems Anpu has her... so! He just follows.

Laughs-at-Shadows pulls his knife from Roscoe's belly as Kaz frets over him, wrinkling his nose again in disgust. Then he moves and heads out with the others.

Nikiya frowns; once she's certain that Kaz is not in danger, Nikiya turns, fleeing along with the rest.

If the sense that they're about to get buried alive is distant, then drowned first is of little comfort. With Runs-Like-Hell to take the navigational route, though, they encounter the rushing wall of water, double back, turn away from a cave in, and in general find their way out of an exit that takes them out to the inner edge of the moat and onto high ground. But even then, all around them, the ground appears to be sinking...

First-Strike isn't really in a position to argue, protest, or otherwise offer her opinion. She bleeds, shakes, and gags and generally proceeds to be useless in the mad dash for the surface.

Kaz calls back behind her to Jason, ~Thank you!~ and keeps running. ~Fuckin',~ she pants, ~Have to start /jumping/,~ she pants, as she gets to the moat and charges across it.

Laughs-at-Shadows shifts down to lupus for more /running/. Gawd.

Desh also runs a lot. Then jumps. Then climbs a tree--oh wait, none of those. More running!

Speaks-Softly carries the Metis along with his backpack filled with evil, happy to prance away from the cave of death and moat of muck.

The Garou retreat as tunnels cave in, sunken and waterlogged dirt filling where there were dug out parts. As they run, behind them is the groundshaking rumbles of multiple points of destruction. And once it all settles, the water from the moat and swampland seeps through, gradually claiming back what was twisted and corrupted.

Runs-Like-Hell shoulders Kevin to let him go as he shifts down to lupus. He still lags behind a little, but at least he's going faster now. Despite his wounhds, his tongue is lolling out and he's motoring like crazy.

Current Location: Deep in the Pit