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04 January 2012 @ 02:59 am
~And here we go...~  

Summary: The Columbia River Gorge Hive fight, part 2. 5/23/2010

 Mouse grimaces at the flashing, and ends up shaking her head vigorously, as if trying to get water out of her ears, until the sound dies away. She too makes her way to Kaz's side, though the now discarded weaponry from the very dead fomori across the moat draws an interested, considering glance. "Might as well use those on our way, yeah?"

Kaz glances at them and shrugs. ~Take what you wanna.~ Indeed, she herself takes one of the still operable rifles. And then her group sets off for the nearest Hive entrance.

To (Mouse, Sai, Yak), Ears pages:  Mouse took the full automatic whatever.

Rianna drags the unconscious Paul behind some shrubbery. And then Coup de Grace plus Rianna race along with -- and, knowing KL, ahead of -- Kaz's crew.

Speaks-Softly readies a second throwing spear as the creature turns and rears, called by Kaz's howl- Then the Galliard stops, his arm going slack as he sees the creature struck dead by the lightning. He stares for a few seconds, then shakes his head, looking up at the rain begins to fall. ~Bad omen.~ When the spots clear from his eyes, the Galliard starts to pace in an irregular circle around the shallow area of the moat, waiting for others to join him while presenting a hard target to anyone he's unaware of.

Meanwhile, ~And here we go...~ Song-of-Vengeance growls, readying herself, before the thunder decides to knock out her sight and sound for a moment or two, the fury rubbing her eyes with the back of a massive claw, growling, showing her teeth. ~Grandfather thunder made a hell of an entrance...~ she observes, turning her attention to the smoking carcass of the Zolom for just a moment before turning to look at the hive proper, waiting for the onslaught.

Desh, in his laconic way, rests the barrel of his shotgun against his shoulder and steps out from cover to regroup with everyone, still ready for action. When the orders are given, the three of them move out to the side, once again seeking ambush-cover, stealthy-like.

Dances The Edge pauses to pick up a rifle, but from the way she handles it, it seems clear it'll be forgotten in the heat of battle.

Chris shoots Kaz a savage grin. "You got it. Good luck." He draws a bead on the hole that gives entry to the hive, and waits.

Speech-and-Silence, too, nods, a touch wistfully, and lifts his weapon, checking it for soundness and readiness in this brief opportunity to do so. He turns his head, tries to catch Desh's eye, and gives him a wink.

Runs-Like-Hell can't help but wag a little, his own applause given to Thunder's dramatic finish to the skirmish. Damn impressive! He's up on his feet then, padding towards the group of Garou, signalling his assent to Kaz with a bob of his head. Already in the dire wolf form, he pauses briefly to sniff among the fallen bodies of the humans.

Darting out, Nikiya lopes forward and liberates a corpse of the fullest submachine gun she can find, peering at it for a moment, before darting over to Kaz. A silent nod is offered in response to the orders from the alpha. She puts the blowgun away for now, though it's ready to be fired off at a moment's notice. She slips into a hiding spot, then.

The Dancers appear to have retreated into the sanctuary, regrouping and plotting as well. The Zolom /seems/, then, to come alive in the silence as the group picks their way through the battlefield. It moves, throat and section near the head rippling with undulating twitches.

Kaz stiffens and is about to order a recurrence of the attack, when Mouse and Camille whisper urgently to her; and then, all four of them forge over to try and help Roscoe out.
Coup de Grace waits.

Devil's-Eye then, from a very gross rip and shred movement, /finally/ tears his way out of the dead Zolom's throat with help. The Silver Fang looks very... digested. But what remains is ever his deformity, the baleful red eye of the Wyrm staring out of his exposed, now furless skull. It's an ugly rebirth indeed. But, the ahroun is alive. Sort of.

Kaz says, ~Rock on,~ to Roscoe, welcomingly, and then mutters, ~C'mon, assholes,~ fondly, to her crew, and (with only her eyes marking how insane this is) heads into the Hive.

Speaks-Softly thunks his spears into the dirt near the shore, leaving the burning ends up. The two of them crackle quietly, rippling with fire. He reaches into his water filled satchel to pull out a large glass jar, still dripping wet with a leather strap attached tightly to it's neck. He waits with a spear in one hand and a black jar in the other, ready to throw.

Well hell. Keeping the shotgun trained on the other hole, Song-of-Vengenace walks back to where Speaks softly and Desh are. "They're watchin' us." she informs anyone who's listening. "Glowin' eyes in th' dark."

Desh quickly replies, "Which?" And trains his shotgun on whatever hole is gestured towards, trying to keep cover as best he can.

Vendetta groups together under cover near the enterance to the hive, each of them keeping to a hiding place as they wait for the others descend, surveying the area until then.

Ears' group along with Coup De Grace Plus are the first to venture over the soggy ground and towards the now-known entrances of the Hive. As they near the shadowed holes, they're confronted with the nasty but unmistakeable smell of gasoline. Meanwhile, Bad Company's Song-of-Vengeance spots the eyes again, watching her from a different entrance. She has but a moment to react.

Nik follows after Kaz, glancing briefly at the firearms around, but taking none of them. Instead, he wipes his knives free of blue blood on his furry thighs, his form finally beginning to blur as he steps without trepidation toward the mouth of madness. Mouse's nose wrinkles as that scent hits her, and she gives Kaz a questioning look. Meanwhile, as they walk, she switches her handgun to her left hand, and that submachine gun to her right. And Kaz, coming to the same conclusion as Mouse, glances between the Walker and Camille, and then stops both packs with a gesture; there's a moment of silent communication, and then, just before a fireball emerges about 3 feet in front of her, and they all start /running/ for another entrance -- coincidentally, the one with the eyes.

Coup de Grace plus one, not in quite as good communication as Kaz's pack, nonetheless take her gesture as a broad hint, and head after Kaz's crew.

Vendetta remains in their hiding places, watching over as they wait for the first two packs to enter the Hive...

A fireball appears out of the air into the mouth of the tunnel. The gasoline that they'd been smelling lights up like a dried up Christmas tree, creating an even bigger, concentrated fire tunnel. It actually runs backwards into the mouth of the cave rather than outwards towards the Gaian Garou waiting without.

The second entrance gets peppered with shotgun shells - two from Charlene's picked up rounds. Proof that she's hit something, or someone, comes with a dying cry of someone human, followed by a thump. More sounds come from inside that cavern, as quite suddenly a slew of arrows fly from the entrance. Raging Phoenix takes one in chest, its black crow-feather fletching protruding from her. Kaz is the next one hit, getting scraped over the head and another arrow sinking shallowly into her forearm before it falls off inertly. Mouse manages to avoid getting shot there, and Roscoe shrugs off an arrow with a snarl of tweaked Rage. Camille earns but a scrape, nothing more, while Nik gets a hole through his ear big enough to put a nice earring through. Luckily, it'll heal.

That's when the howls echo out from that one tunnel. How many BSDs are in there, who knows? They sound deep inside, though.

~Fuckass,~ mutters Kaz, and is about to start into movement when Mouse raises the captured submachine gun. She hisses to those around her as she steps out to one side, "Fire in the hole." And then she squeezes the trigger and simply sweeps the weapon back and forth into the darkness of the cave. Kaz says, mildly stunned, ~Right!~ and then she and Camille dive forward into the tunnel, Nik somewhat to the side, Blurred as he is. (He pauses for a moment to let his ear heal, beforehand.) Mouse, just before people get in her way, stops firing, and then follows Kaz's crew down the tunnel.

KL removes the arrow with one hand, tossing it to the ground with a clatter; after a short pause to heal some of that wound, she, Norman, and Rianna all head full tilt along with Kaz's crew.

Kevin actually raises his gun to fire, but lets it drop again when Chris hisses a command at him. It's certain that he would have been far more likely to hit a friendly target. Nikiya crouches, her gun held at the ready as she waits for the groups to enter the hive, her eyes scanning the area for anything of interest. Alex winces to himself, giving his Hispo head a shake as he pads towards the group, watching their backs. Tunnels are windy. Easy to defend, hard to attack. His tail flicks from side to side as he sniffs slowly around the area, trying to get his bearings.

Desh and company gather their things and wait amidst cover on the far side of the hole Kaz' party descended into, to cover as much ground as possible.

Mouse sprays the interior of the hive tunnel, and from the sounds of some yelps and snarls, she seems to have hit a few somethings. Then as the group throws itself in, they come to encounter the first of the Hive's twisted Garou guardians. A crinos with glowing eyes snarls and seems to materialize right out of the darkness to the side as Eight Mile and Nik rush inwards. A set of claws flash out, cutting into Nik's left side, but leaving the attacker vulnerable to Camille. Kaz finds herself lunged at by two Hispo in tandem, their howls and snarls like symphonic dischord, and biting begins against the Gnawer's legs. It's a quick strike and withdraw, though, as they fall back to where another thin looking, bat-eared crinos howls out directions. ~Pull them in! Hurry!~ With the amount of bodies around, it's difficult for Coup De Grace Plus to fit into the area. They wind up stuck behind Camille, Mouse and Nik, helpless to push further in.

Outside in the meanwhile, as Vendetta and Desh's crew wait for the others to appear, guns trained, they bear witness to the Zolom's serpent body starting to dissipate back into the Umbra.

To the assembled Gaian Garou, Kaz mentally says, ~Fuckin' /space/. Go find other ways in. Follow Alex.~ And then she and her pack slam into the Dancers. She and Camille launch themselves at Nik's attacker in a rage-blurred flash of claws and teeth. It isn't elegant but the Gnawers likely aren't worried about that. Kaz is heroically ignoring the two Hispo in favor of pack attacks. Mouse switches her weapons again--handgun to right hand, submachine gun to left, and it's the handgun that she lifts and aims as she squeezes in next to Kaz. She doesn't fire though, not yet. Rather, the pupils and irises of her eyes take on a strange, almost metallic sheen to those looking closely, as if they were suddenly made up of many tiny, metal parts rather than flesh and blood vessels.

Coup de Grace makes a frustratred sound and, indeed, backs up, heading for the outside again.

With Charlene leading them, Bad Company heads towards the Southern entrance, keeping cover in mind. All of their ranged weapons are ready, and should they see any sign of enemies: Bang. They will fire/throw in tandem.

Nikiya suddenly spins, pointing her gun towards the eastern hole with bared teeth. It's rather strange, not a single sound comes as the submachine gun flashes out a spray of bullets towards said hole; she's not particularly good with a gun, but she's at least aiming to fire into the hole.

Chris waves a hand towards the eastern tunnel. From his concealed spot, he fires off his semi-automatic, aiming it towards the eastern hole.

Speech-and-Silence lifts his own weapon and fires into the same opening as his alpha.

Runs-Like-Hell's ears perk up as Kaz's voice enters his head. And then there's the warning from Nikiya. The whole pack falls into a stealthy slink towards another of the hive's holes. ~Dancers coming out of one of the other entrances,~ is the message that's sent to Kaz, ~Vendetta's surrounding them and getting ready to counter-ambush.~ As the other three prepare covering fire on the opening, Runs-Like-Hell bolt around to another side of the hole, keeping low and ready to spring should any Dancers try to charge out.

Nik twists as his attempt to blur by is thwarted, emitting a growl as he attempts to sink his crinos teeth into his attacker's arm, hanging on with the tenacity of a bulldog.

The southern entrance of the hive pours BSDs. Well, pours might be an overstatement, but from that end comes five Dancers in crinos form, with three of them leading the charge bearing horn-like protrusions from their brows and each of them covered with putrid orange, thick hides. Behind them, two more BSDs. One of them bears a bow and arrow quiver, looking more slight than her other packmates. But the one at the back is perhaps even /more/ fearsome looking than the others accompanying. Two huge labryses, one held in each hand, gleam in the light. For Alex, at least, there could be no mistake who that might be.

Out of the eastern entrance comes three more BSDs, each also armed with bow and arrow. But as soon as they appear, the eastern entrance is suddenly shrouded in a pitch black darkness. The bullet sprays from Vendetta disappear in that darkness.

Deeper into the hive's northwest entrance, Eight Mile slams into the crinos who attacked Nik. The creature fights back with bite and bite, turning it into one helluva snarlfest. The Gnawer philodox and galliard both draw blood in wet splatters, mauling the target with pack tactics. Laughs-At-Shadows clamps on as well and doesn't let go, but he's spared further injury from his attacker. The Silver Fang ahroun by Ears' side viciously attacks the two Hispo for her, but he is quick to inform, ~Alpha! The skinny one in the back! Shivers!~ At that call, the two crinos in the rear turn, their intent to retreat deeper into the Hive itself.

Camille makes a final launch at the crinos, while Roscoe keeps the hispos at bay. Kaz and Nik, meanwhile, use the respite of Philodox and Silver Fang to use their healing talens. Mouse shoves the submachine gun into the back of her pants in order to snatch for something around her neck. It's small, delicate, glittery. She brings it to her lips, whispers to it, then flings it frisbee style after the retreating Dancers--specifically, she throws it at the one Roscoe names as 'Shivers'.

KL, Norman, and Rianna head for the southern entrance, Rage speeding their steps.

Nik takes a brief respite to activate his talen, hunching a little as he lets the rest of his battlepack advance, releasing his hold on Stoker. If he knows he has claws still stuck in him, he doesn't let on, his eyes zeroing in on the fleeing Dancers and Shivers.

Chris bares his teeth, firing blindly into the east tunnel, fanning his fire into the darkness in bursts of three.

Nikiya turns her fire from the eastern tunnel to those erupting from the southern tunnel as well, promptly emptying the clip towards the five Garou, completely silent. As she does so, she silently breathes something into the air, her lips moving.

As soon as the darkness sprouts up over the Eastern hole, three lights begin swirling about within it, trying to fight away the darkness enough to give Vendetta good shots on the Dancers within. It's good it doesn't take a whole lot of concentration, as Alex looks over at the surge of Dancers...and he hackles suddenly, growling out loud at the sight of the Alpha coming out of hiding. The Rite of Silence breaks, a cacophony crashing over Vendetta and the Dancers nearby while Alex lurks towards the Big Bad, snarling viciously at her. ~The Dancer Alpha shows her Wyrmmy face!~ he howls out, the Hispo just hackling with fury.

Speech-And-Silence tries to track the path of those balls of light, still firing at the darkeness and hoping his shots hit something. He winces as the Rite breaks, and steals a glance over his shoulder as the other Dancers arrive. "We're fuuuuucked..."

Charlene fires her final round and drops the shotgun, swelling to Crinos, her labrys grasped in both claws, like a shield almost. ~Death to the unclean ones!~ she roars, the runes on her body flashing into life, the war paint's powers taking hold. No hiding for the Galliard any time soon!

The boys of Bad Company linger just behind Charlene - who is acting as their melee wall for the moment - and fire/throw over or around her. First, Speaks-Softly, who does not look happy to see the Dancers flying out of their hiding hole, reactively flings the jar of black pitch in his hand at the closest Spiral that emerges from the hole. That toss is quickly followed by another, as the Galliard directs a second pitch-filled jar at one of the Spiral's odd-skinned buddies. He then ranges a bit to the side, so as all the Gaian Garou are not huddled together, and begins to tactically retreat.

Desh waits for Anpu's toss, and then fires one of his dragonsbreath talen rounds, directed towards the pitch. He follows it up with a second shot, towards the second pitch-target, and then mimics Anpu, tactically retreating; Charlene follows once the damage is done.

The brittle clawed crinos dies at the hands of Eight Mile, at a severe disadvantage without those natural weapons, somehow not even a scratch resulting on the Gnawer philodox from those brittle teeth. Roscoe's roar explodes from him as he throws one of the Hispo into the other, the barbed fur sticking from the Fang ahroun like quills from a porcupine. The hispo with the barbed fur snarls, trying to free himself from his multi-eyed twin. The glimmering orb tossed from Mouse's angle crashes upon the floor and, perhaps comically, traps the feet of the retreating Dancers enough that they momentarily stop in their tracks like rats on fly paper. ~Weaver's webs! Damn you!~ curses the larger crinos of the caught pair, but it is the skinny one who summons fire from the air and lights up the tunnel in a burst of heated flash to light the webbing. Yes, even while they're still on it.

Coup De Grace and Bad Company face off with the five Dancers, and though superior in numbers, the advantage seems like it's not on their side. As Song-of-Vengeance activates her talen, the bow wielding crinos fires an arrow towards the Fury; the bolt sinks into her neck muscles, eliciting an immediate and burning pain that seizes up the muscles there with some paralytic substance that stops her ability to retreat. Poisoned arrows. What a bitch.

The first pitch jar tossed and shot explodes into a napalm-like drenching rain upon the initial Dancers, causing a mass of lupine curses. But it doesn't stop them. No, they blur forth, splitting into a trident approach and charge with the speed of Rage. The second pitch jar explodes, but the fire misses the three leading crinos. Two of them happen to also be on fire now, but hey. Pretty soon, they're upon Charlene -- but the Dancers don't even bother with her. They run right past, charging towards the retreating two Striders as Coup De Grace meets up.

The spraying fire from Vendetta covers those three charges, the ammunition sinking into their thick Wyrm Hides but few actually striking effectively from the distance Vendetta fires from. The Rite of Silence breaks, temporarily shrouding the Coon pack with a deafening cacophony. It's that moment that the east-side Dancers choose to re-emerge, firing arrows towards the Vendetta group. But they don't shoot towards the Garou directly; they aim their arrows upwards, and in the sky the projectiles suddely like with streaming, silvery tails like small comets. Each arrow /turns/ in midflight, dropping like stones towards none other than Chris... Shortly before striking, each arrow explodes. But worse, there is the heavy sound of the something else exploding nearby, as the silver bullets kept within Chris' handgun explode as well and send silver and shrapnel zinging out into the midst of the Vendetta pack, perforating skin and muscle with the burning sensation of injury.

Roscoe and Camille team up on one of the hispo, slicing and dicing. Kaz launches herself at the other one. Nik grins happily as his flesh begins to knit, and he easily flips one of his bowie knives into his hand. With the strength of that crinos arm, he chucks it directly at the head of Witness near Shivers. And Mouse. Mouse jerks her head slightly at that howl from Alex, but her gaze doesn't turn from the briefly entrapped Dancers, even as the web lights up. She jerks something from beneath her jacket with her now free hand--it's a knife, sharp and gleaming, but her focus is far more on her other hand. She lifts the handgun, aims at Shivers' head, and fires repeatedly. There's something deeply methodical and incredibly cold about her glabro'd expression.

Coup de Grace, KL in the lead, rockets toward Archer. KL slashes in a whirl of energy and rage; Norman merely slashes. And Rianna dives under, in a coordinated attack, using the last of her own reserves of Gaia's anger.

With a growl of rage as the paralysis hits and the pitch-covered dancers rush past, the poison cleansing Talen given to Song of Vengeance activates, breaking the poison's paralysis, the fury whirling on her heel to chase after the charging dancers. Reaching into that inner wellspring of rage, she charges after them, the arrow still protruding from her neck, hopefully bouncing free as she runs, aiming a two-handed overhead swing at the middle of the back of the one she reaches first.

Speaks-Softly continually glances over his shoulder as he flees the Spirals' approach, not wanting to get anywhere near an all out brawl with them. The second he deems that they're likely to be caught by the intercepting pack, Speaks-Softly skids to a halt on his heel and turns. He takes one of the flaming spears from his off hand and throws it with all his might at the Alpha, aiming for the Spiral's head.

In a similar way to his tribe-brother, Desh casts over his shoulder. Once sure he's got a breath of space, he immediately falls to a knee for sake of aiming, and fires with his revolver towards one of the oncoming Dancers that offers a good shot.

Chris is knocked back by the explosion of his Mateba, dropping into his breed form; he's still breathing, but he is completely out cold.

Hissing as the silver sinks into her flesh, Nikiya's eyes burn with intense hatred. Then, suddenly, the paints flare into life, and a ruckous clatters over the group as she snarls. Then, with another howl of anger, she raises the pre-readied blowgun to her lips, sending the first dart flying towards the Dancer Alpha.

Speech-and-Silence gives a howl of pain as his alpha's ammunition supply explodes in a shower of shrapnel and silver, the whole pack riddled with pieces. The burning in his skin gets the Walker to shift back to his breed form, the pain dropping him to one knee. And still, he has the presence of mind to fire shots at the advancing Dancers.

Alex's reaction to the silver digging into the side of his face is to shift up to Crinos, ignoring that burning pain as he rises to his hing legs, stalking up towards the Alpha. ~We've come for your head, Wyrmspawn!~

The Shadow Lord's bowie knife flips through the air, but even with the strength of the crinos arm behind it, the blade doesn't manage to sink in to a lethal degree. Not enough to kill, apparently. Mouse's gun, though, perforates the head of Shivers, the crinos' skull leading the way as the creature falls to the floor, dead. And now that the flames have managed to burn enough of the webs away, that leaves Witness able to move. She snarls not at Nik, but at Mouse upon seeing Shivers topple, and rather than help her packmates, flees towards the depths of the hive at a frenzied pace.

Meanwhile, Roscoe and Camille teaming up on the barbed-furred Mischa produce decent results, but it's Camille who delivers the final blow as Roscoe grabs ahold of the hispo, and Camille rends the throat away. The Fang ahroun flags, struggling to stay conscious in the face of his injuries. Kaz's battle with the scale-skinned hispo is decidedly one-sided, with the Adren Gnawer proving stronger and more stout. But, not without the hispo first tackling the galliard against the wall - an audible *snap* of bone comes from the Gnawer's leg at an inopportune time, and allows the bloodied hispo to sink her teeth deep into the stomach of the Gnawer alpha.

The Striders' speedy gift allows them to quickly outpace their pursuers, who eventually also are interrupted in the chase by Coup de Grace. The pack piledrives into the middle Dancer, delivering a multitude of strikes against the tough hides. As much as the pack gives, so do they get, however, as the Dancers shift focus and leap to help their beleaguered packmate. KL is knocked aside by the Dancer with the open sores, and Rianna is quickly turned upon, confronted by a spiny looking Crinos. Icetrap tangles with the other, receiving a slash across his chest followed by a punch to the nose.

Charlene's talen use comes at a good time. Another arrow wisps by her face, missing by a slight margin. The Fury's aim sinks the labrys' side deep into the back of the Archer crinos, who howls in absolute fury. A terrible look overcomes him as he turns, the Thrall of the Wyrm overtaking the crinos who attacks the Fury. Desh's incendiary round sets the large crinos attacking KL aflame once more, and the bastard howls with pain, still managing to keep its grip. The flaming javelin from Anpu is swiftly knocked away with a sweep of a labrys from the Hive Alpha. She sneers at the offending Strider, staring intently at his direction.

The Alpha's stare is so intent that she misses the incoming dart, which in turn sinks in seemingly harmlessly. Seemingly. Immediately, the Alpha's eyes go wide and she seizes. The labryses drop to the ground, and so does the alpha. The bow-and-arrow wielding crinos beside her turns, howling out in a sympathetic pain almost, ~No!~

Standing protectively over Chris' unconcious form, Nikiya pops another dart into the blow-gun, taking careful aim for the Crinos that is currently thralled. Intensely focused, she lets out a sharp breath of air, sending the dart flying towards the one attacking her Sister.

In the instant the Alpha falls, Runs-Like-Hell is sprinting full speed. He charges on all fours towards the pair... and leaps onto the bow-wielding Crinos, his legs wrapping around his waist and both claws going for the Dancer's throat, aiming to rip it out.

Kevin drops his gun when Chris gets knocked back, going over to his alpha and looking over this body. Immediately, he tries to find that silver, trying to get it out with human fingers.

Nik's blurred form chases after Witness, putting his all into his meager speed. It seems he wants his knife back. Mouse, meanwhile, gives an aborted jerk after the fleeing Witness, but sense apparently overrides desire. "More," she hisses toward the others, but she's stepping back, angling toward the closest wall. The handgun is also shoved into her waistband, and she switches the gleaming, unmarked knife to her right hand, muttering furiously, but audibly. "All delights are vain, but that most vain, which, with pain purchased, doth inherit pain." And then, probably shockingly to everyone else, she shoves the knife straight into, and /through/, her left hand, using the wall to brace it. Kaz, wincing in pain and about to drop onto all fours, indeed gives Mouse a truly startled look, but all she does is, in fact, drop /onto/ all fours (or, three legs) and slam into her Dancer again; Camille helps out, as Roscoe heads after Witness as well.

KL slashes in a blur of limbs at the Dancer targetting Rianna; Rianna slashes in less of a blur. And Norman slams into it as well, using the same sorts of pack tactics Rianna was using earlier, hitting it once Rianna's tried to bowl it over.

Song-of-Vengeance wrenches her labrys free and takes a half-step back before the thralled Dancer is on her, his claws digging in deep, enough to wound, but not to stop her. ~Bastard!~ she growls, the blade pinned between the pair, her claws and teeth coming into play, jaws seeking to close around and rip out her attacker's throat, claws seeking the wound, digging in, seeking internal organs or, preferably, spinal bits to pull free.

Anpu momentarily seems gripped by something: Fear, despair perhaps. (Emo, is the word). Regardless, his focus fails, and it is Desh that has the presence of mind to move and help Charlene. He runs to get into really-hard-to-miss-despite-the-melee-distance, and fires at the creature's legs.

Desh did this with his revolver. Ahem.

Witness' fleeing path deeper into the Hive leads Nik and Roscoe away further into the tunnel. Meanwhile, Camille and Kaz battle against the flagging Tasha, who takes a final blow from Ears to knock her down and out for the count.

With KL turned to help Rianna, the Fury elder gets struck from behind again by Outbreak, pushing her against Nidoking and spiking her upon the poison spines of the Dancer. But not to stop there -- the sore-skinned Dancer blurs with Rage, grabbing the Fury elder and pulling her away from the group with incredible strength. After a combination of Norman and Rianna's tripping tactics, the Nidoking is toppled. Just as they're about to set upon them again, two bolts of lightning streak from the heavens to smite the Dancers, Outbreak and the Baptist. In combination with the silver dart that pins into him from Nikiya, the Baptist is left a smoldering hulk. The thundering crack and blinding flash of light destroy the senses again to leave heads ringing.

Not that it matters to Alex, though, who is no longer running like hell, but having bowled Cinder to the ground. they struggle, her to stay alive, and him to enact his revenge. Their fray is hectic.

Suddenly the hearts of all Garou here, Dancer and Gaian alike, leap in their chests - a sudden alien presence seems to come alive all around them, in the tunnel walls, cieling and floor all around them. Deep rumbling fills the aperture, and suddenly the tunnel begins to shake like some unseen hand of a god has just gripped the tunnel, shaking and squeezing it to bits. Those who can see in the dark suddenly see a ring of white, like a tentacle and just as awful-smelling, shear its way through the solid earth and rock, pinching the tunnel closed rapidly. Tiny mycelial strands begin to poke through the dense earth like tiny hairs growing in a fast-forward camera, and the torrent of earth suddenly falls between Kaz and those with her deeper in, and everyone else who is still outside.

 ~Ziqra be praised!~ one of the Dancers who is still alive crows. ~Those Below stir! Fight on, in the name of Angu and the Wyrm!~ 

Current Location: Columbia River Gorge Hive
Current Mood: coldcold